Summer Drinks to keep your Body Cool

Summer heat is something which is hard to resist. You cannot compromise your schedules and unwilling you have to bear the heat. For all my friends who reside in tropics and semi-tropics, I understand how hard it is to tolerate the temperature fluctuations. A healthy body, healthy mind results in a healthy life. Here I am sharing few recipes of summer drinks that can save you from eat waves and keep your body hydrated. Continue reading

What are the Home Gardening Tools Important for your Gardening?

I have discussed a lot about gardening tips through my blogs. But today the main thing I want to say is how important the home gardening tools to improve your gardening experience at home. One cannot grow gardening without having certain equipment. Gardening machinery has to be looked after the way you look after the gardens. There are many plants when it comes to home gardening, every plant needs special care and protection. These machinery gives you that hand to improve the vegetation grow in the right manner. Here are something’s you have to add to your tool list. Continue reading

The best Cuisine of Rome – Must Try Food

A nomad is a person who not only explores the exquisiteness of a city but also enjoys many other integral aspects of it. Food is one integral aspect that no can avoid especially if you have travelled a long way to a new place. If you are person who loves trying something different, then Rome food such thing, that one would want to have again and again. The city has got such a variety that travelling and dining becomes more than just pleasure. Continue reading

How to Start a Vegetable Garden?

Gardening seems to be the easiest way to kill your time and spend it meaningfully. Growing a plant in backyard is like nurturing the environment and finding peace. There is nothing more interesting than growing a vegetable garden. It has got many benefits. It saves money, time satisfies our epicurean appetite. The most admirable part of a vegetable garden is that you get fresher vegetables with different flavours then you could have ever bought from market. There are certain things that have to be kept in mind when starting a vegetable garden. Continue reading

Steps to Follow For a Healthy Terrace Gardening

Terrace gardening is the most fascinating aspect of gardening. Even though I spent most of my leisure time in gardening and cooking, this roof top gardening idea came little late to me. However, over the years invested in roof top gardening, I have learned many aspects of it. Terrace gardening has got many benefits if it is practiced in a right way. Continue reading

These Plants Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

A breathe of fresh air has become difficult now a days. With increasing pollution levels, toxins are everywhere in the air, say it –outdoor or indoor. Still indoors allows the pollution to stick and build around in large amount leaving no scope but to breathe and survive in it. The only solution that can control these toxins is- Plantation. While outdoor plantation has been an effective, easier in controlling the pollutants, indoor plants are also becoming famous in this regard. Continue reading