Go Green with Gardening, An Initiative Towards Healthier Survival

Many people enjoy cultivating plants in their backyard or garden. This is known as gardening, it may be a hobby for several who like the blooming of flowers, freshness of the natural beauty and the lush greens surrounding them. Manicured gardens laced with blossomed flowers are a delight for any nature lover. Every city or town has a nursery or shops that sell potted plants or ornamental plants that one can purchase to adorn their homes. Apart from being a kind of relaxing activity for people, many gardeners also take it a step further to what is recognized as organic farming.

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Evolution of Cooking – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

Cooking as we know it, has come quite a long journey over the years and has witnessed massive transformation in techniques. If the cave dwellers and the barbarians existed, they would have had an entire new palette for food that is well cooked and served. Not to forget that they were the first to invent cooking which brings us to the present day barbecue and grills. Technically this also happens to be the right process of preparing the food for consumption with the use of heat. Although fruits and some vegetables may be eaten raw, yet there is a significant reason why food should be cooked to consume? Continue reading

9 Essential Objects Every Kitchen Must Have

Cooking is just like a game like a soccer game. Everything should be perfectly in equilibrium and ready to strike the goal. You cannot keep looking other things when are ready to make a goal.  Likewise, a kitchen is a football court where things should be perfectly arranged in place before you get ready with cooking on something. If you started cooking recently or if you have relocated to new place, make sure these equipment’s are handy in your kitchen. Continue reading