Sanjeet Veen’s Easy Guide to Set Up Your Own Garden

For all the nature lover’s out there, here’s a simple and easy step-by-step guide to creating your own garden just the way you like and make your home an eco-friendly zone. Just follow my simple guidelines to get started and achieve a well-manicured garden for your home. You have to begin by chalking out a plan for designing your garden. By having a rough sketch on paper, you can be assured of your expectations of the garden. Adding details to the design can help prevent any mistakes that can cost heavily, this would include the measurements, purchasing the requisite plants, insecticides and other fencing and gardening materials required for the job. Continue reading

Building a Sustainable Environment With Gardening

We heard a lot about gardening, have we ever thought about sustainable gardening? Gardening is practiced for many reasons. Few individuals indulge in the practice as a hobby, few like growing vegetables and fruits to meet their needs, few like beautifying their surroundings. Whatever might be the reason, plants are the green soldiers responsible for existence of many species. Why are we talking about sustainable gardening? Most of us know the meaning of sustainable, which encircle all the aspects of human endeavors.  As the green cover is reducing day by day, it is our responsibility to protect and improve the green cover to build a clean and peaceful environment. While most of the countries are involving into various projects that improves the planets green line, I Sanjeet Singh Veen take up this sustainable gardening in support to develop greenery around by surroundings. Are you with me? If yes, here are few things that will help you build sustainable gardens for better future.  Continue reading

What are the perfect methods of plantation?

Most of us are interested in gardening, while we lack the knowledge of the method that must be used for planting saplings. When I started taking interest into my gardening leisure pursuit, I was not quite sure from where to start. I have observed my grandparents the way they used to take extra care while planting any sapling. Interestingly they have knowledge about most of the plants and the soil they required to grow. My grandmother always used to day, Gardening is not about planting a random herb or a vegetable. One must understand the exact nature of these plants.   Continue reading