3 Important Tricks to Raise a Cheap Garden Bed

Gardening is an art that can be master over the years. A beautiful well-maintained garden has lots of effort that goes into. For few months, I have been into the practice of raising beds for my rooftop garden. I had gone through many literature on gardening and videos that actually explained how it works. I am so pleased to share this post on raising cheap garden beds for the reason, I was so joyed doing this part and the environmental benefits it gives you. Preparing a garden bed is very expensive, but there are certain methods through which one can have them raised in cheap and economical way. Continue reading

Bonsai Gardening – The beauty of a miniature world

Gardening has always been most inspiring part of my life. One could actually rediscover their real identity being in constant touch with something that makes them forget every pain and encourages living up to everything. The color green has a strange magic that erases every negative emotion, which destroys your inner peace. People who have been into gardening, taking care of plants becomes more than just a pass time. You may not believe, but these creatures growing in front of you seems very lively and a part of your life. Well many of them do criticize me, as how Sanjeet Singh Veen a seriously involved automobile businessperson, talks about the sensitive touch involved with growing plants.

These feelings we develop for gardening does not pop up just like that until a small miracle happens to grow amazing in unexpected situations giving you a direct etc. Bonsai gardening was my first crush. I always wanted a miniature garden with colorful plants that in small size. Many of us have a misconception that bonsai is generally grown in indoors. The fact is bonsai can be amazing in your lawn, terrace anywhere you wish to have.

Tropical, sub-tropical, cold any climate bonsai can make the most attractive part of your garden. Bonsai plantations are unique and needs special care unlike the other plants. As these plants are grown in small areas, the nutrient retain capacity is very less. The main factors that must be considered while going with bonsai plantations are:

  • Light
  • Humidity
  • Fertilizers
  • Temperature

These plants must not be placed in high light intensity or low intensity. They need medium light and near a bright side to allow the right amount of sun and nutrients. Depending up on the type of plant, they must be exposed to the sun. Humidity is another important factor for bonsai; if they are tropical plants, they relatively need high need high humidity.  The combination of light humidity and quality fertilizers helps these plants to beat the changing climatic conditions. To summarize in a short and quick way, these special plants are not just unique in their form, but bestow a creative ambience to their surroundings. In few religions, bonsai plants are believed to be a sign of prosperity and peace. They are believed to bring good luck and are maintained with utmost care. No matter what reason you wish to choose to have these bonsai plants, these plants stands an an example that beauty is not measured by its size or shape.

Chef – A deemed career choice for Indians too

How many of us loved our mom cooking food and imagined to become like her when we are grown to be adults? How many of us wanted to share the responsibility with her not just to help her but deep down we want to see ourselves in the same shoes. I have grown seeing my mum cook the most amazing cuisines that was no less than the restaurant food. I always encouraged her to start up her own restaurant. However, my mother was never a commercial person her interest in cooking was limited to satisfy the palate of family. Continue reading