4 Best Ways to Cook Drumstick or Moringa Leaves

When I was a child, my mother used to cook drumstick dal, which is still one of my favourite recipes. More than my mother, my grandmother was expert in making various recipes with drumstick leaves. Many of us do not know that drumstick leaves can be used to prepare tasty food items. The nutritional chat of the drumstick leaves include proteins, calcium, iron, beta-carotene, and vitamin. Moringa leaves are easily digested provided for cooking only tender leaf must be used. If you are using little older leaves than make sure to steam, cook or pressure cook before using it. Moringa leaves are one of the easily available and nutritious leafy vegetable.

Drumstick Leaves Dal – when I am talking about the best way to cook drumstick leaves; I have to include my favourite recipe on the list. This is the easiest way to cook Moringa leaves. For dal, you can use any dal of your choice (except for urad and chana). Clean the Moringa leaves and chop them. Cook your choice of dal with Moringa leaves. Once the dal is cooked add little japery or sugar and season with salt and pepper. For tampering, add cumin seeds, mustard, and red chilli. Mix dal nicely and finally add lemon juice or tamarind juice to give a tangy taste, which takes away the sour taste of the leaves.

Clear Soup – The healthiest way to have Moringa leaves is in the form of a soup. Boil some carrot, beans tomatoes, onion in water along with Moringa leaves. Add salt and pepper to the soup and serve it hot in a cold chill or a rainy weather.

Moringa Tea – A perfect tea with Moringa leaves for a perfect morning. You can use Moringa powder or leaves to prepare tea. These leaves can be used fresh to make tea and surprisingly the dried leaves have great nutritional value. Add a teaspoon of honey to improve the taste of the tea and serve it hot.

Scrambled Eggs – For me nothing is easier then preparing scrambled eggs for breakfast. This recipe can be combined with any vegetable to make it tastier. Try with Moringa leaves, you will not only love the taste but will also gain many health benefits.

Unlike the other leafy vegetables, Moringa leaves are not used for cooking in many countries, as people are not aware of its health benefits. Moringa leaves are rich in anti-oxidant properties, iron, vitamins, and minerals. Hence, make this amazing leaf part of your diet regime.

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