9 Essential Objects Every Kitchen Must Have

Cooking is just like a game like a soccer game. Everything should be perfectly in equilibrium and ready to strike the goal. You cannot keep looking other things when are ready to make a goal.  Likewise, a kitchen is a football court where things should be perfectly arranged in place before you get ready with cooking on something. If you started cooking recently or if you have relocated to new place, make sure these equipment’s are handy in your kitchen.

Chef’s Knife – Chef’s knife is the most important thing to be in kitchen. This helps chopping very fast and comfortable without hurting your fingers. Make sure the knifed has 8-9inch blade with a thicker bolster for a firm hold.

Ladle – If you are someone who loves to have soups every now and then before a meal, then ladle is must in your essential equipment list. A bent handle at the top of the ladle will help transferring the soup into a bowl with ease.

Whisk – One important thing that can be used for whisking eggs and cream, this makes sure that lump formation is not there and the consistency is maintained.

Lemon Press – If you make mock tails and cocktails very frequently than you need lemon press to make the drink with right balanced portion of lemon to give a final touch of amazing taste. Sanjeet Singh Veen Kitchen essential list is never complete without this, as no evening is complete at my place without a delicious drink.

Can Opener – One thing that does not strike our mind unless we come across a ketchup bottle. Make sure you do not rush to shop at the last moment, as can opener is very important equipment like a knife.

Corkscrew – A fine dining with wine and delicious food is the best thing that can be planned for a surprise. Do not forget the corkscrew; you cannot search for it in the middle of your date.

Measuring Cups – Beginners like me who are not so good at making a cake or pastry without estimating the portions, need these cups. Measuring cups helps you prepare the recipe accordingly without anything less or more.

Salad Spinner – something’s need to be handled by experts otherwise the recipe might result in disaster. Salad Spinner helps to mix the salad with ease.

Metal Spatula – Delicate items like pancakes, cookies that need to be flipped when required. You need a metal spatula that can handle the heat without being burnt and help you flip easily.

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