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I am Sanjeet Singh Veen;  I am passionate about cooking and gardening has acquired a great skill of knowledge in my interests.  My greatest influences are my mother and wife, who are not just amazing human beings, but also are extraordinary in cooking. I have learnt my cooking nitty-gritties from them.  During my leisure time, I used to take up various cooking recipes and try mastering it. It was not so easy in the initial days as something or the other usually gets messed and the entire recipe results in disaster. However I have been a follower of Julia Child and one of quotes which said -People who love to eat are always the best people, kept me moving forward. Fortunately my thirst and passion in these areas have helped to excel in my professional life.

I firmly believe that cooking and gardening are two ways that can keep your mind calm, positively tuned and physically energetic. They have become the integral elements of my life. I am very pleased to say, after years of practice I have become a chef next door. My kids are crazy about the food I make and my friends just can’t stop licking their fingers. I guess movies like Julia and Julia, The Chinese Feast, Kings of Pastry have thrived in keeping me enthused.To learn something and become an expert, one must put their heart and soul into it.

Gardening- More than just hobby

Talking about gardening, this is something I cherish as a precious memory when I look at my back yards. Gardening connects me with my childhood memories. This hobby was strongly inculcated into my mind by my grandparents. It’s such a beautiful feeling to see the efforts grow in a wonderful landscape.  I guess all emotions are par the silences of satisfaction one feel when you see the sapling grow. I follow many books that give tips on gardening, which soil is better for plants, how plants can be grown in adverse climate, how to grow non-native plants etc.  These books guide you on aspects that you might have missed or never thought about. Growing a tree has got an inordinate similitude to life. One can see how his/her efforts bring the fruits or weeds in garden. The famous quote, what you sow is what you reap, must have been inspired from gardening lessons. I drive a great pleasure from the time spent raising a soil bed to see the plants grow. My hobby gives touch of refreshment and energy that I feel are missing in my busy work schedules.

Happy cooking, Happy gardening – Everyone.

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Sanjeet Singh Veen

Vice President at Tribune International LLC
My name is Sanjeet Singh Veen, a 50 year old successful entrepreneur, Business Counsellor, and a writer. Right from my childhood, I was interested in gardening and cooking. Anything or everything I wanted to do was to establish myself in the same field of interest.