Best Plants that can be Grown in Hanging Baskets

Gardening is the most fun filled hobby that can be enjoyed during leisure time. When it comes to gardening there is no limit on where and what has to be grown. One has to create the right ambiance for the plant as per the plant requirement and get the best desired results. While gardening has many benefits on human health, it also increases the aesthetics of your house. Due to apartment culture, we hardly have any back yard or front yard to grow plants. That doesn’t mean you have to kill your gardening hobby. You can cultivate small garden in your balcony as well. The most attractive aspect of the gardening in balcony is – Hanging Baskets.

Flower pouches, containers and hanging baskets are whole new creative aspects for gardening in available space. Not every plant can be grown in these containers, there are certain species that can bestow a new look.

Here are few plant species that gives exquisite ambiance to your small garden.

Lantana – This plant produces brightly coloured flowers throughout summer and winter. Available in yellow, orange, white, red and purple these flowers grow in clusters and are easy to grow with less moisture. This plant variety is tolerant to dry conditions and requires less watering. A light dose of fertilisers during spring will helps the plant to have a balanced nutrition.

Geraniums – Geraniums are the famous house plantings used for bedding. These plants need at least 6-8 hours of light exposure to grow healthy. Watering is very essential and has to be done in regular intervals. Geraniums are sensitive to excess heat and cold conditions; they survive well in moderate climates. The fertiliser has to be given very often to make sure the root and shoot health is maintained.

Portulaca – Portulaca is considered to be the most attractive plant in hanging baskets. These plants are very stunning and amplify the look of your ambiance. Famously known as moss rose, these plants are available in many attractive colours. These plants require very less care when compared to other varieties of plants growing in containers.

Begonias – The most attractive plants in hanging baskets can grow easily in tropics and sub tropics. These plants are available in any nursery in more than 10, 000 varieties. This plant requires simple care and maintenance. If you are resided in colder countries, make sure to grow the plants in an enclosed area where they are not exposed to frost.
Petunias – Another attractive hanging basket plant that can improvise the look of your garden are- Petunias. These are known as the tender perennials, which can be grown in any climate with relatively less maintenance.

Plan your small available garden space in such a way that all these hanging baskets require right amount of sun, water and nutrition. Lining the hanging baskets reflects the creative side of the gardener. Bring out your creativity and get ready with your hanging baskets.

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