Chef – A deemed career choice for Indians too

How many of us loved our mom cooking food and imagined to become like her when we are grown to be adults? How many of us wanted to share the responsibility with her not just to help her but deep down we want to see ourselves in the same shoes. I have grown seeing my mum cook the most amazing cuisines that was no less than the restaurant food. I always encouraged her to start up her own restaurant. However, my mother was never a commercial person her interest in cooking was limited to satisfy the palate of family. Continue reading

Rules of Refrigerating Your Cooked and Uncooked Food

Refrigerating has become a part of the modern cooking life. It comes as a savior especially when one has prepared surplus food and can save it for the next time. Whether it’s the left over pizzas from the previous night party or the lasagna you made for breakfast, it always makes a welcome feeling of a hidden surprise in the fridge to munch on. However, one thing is important depending upon the type of food being refrigerated and whether it will last until your expected consuming time. Continue reading

The Unusual Indian Dishes – One must try on their own discretion

Born Indian, if someone asks about my country, culture and food, the patriotic side comes out of me. Tess my friend happened to visit India last year around October. He was there for a month and visited the famous places of the country. India is not only famous for its culture, traditional and architectural monuments but for food as well. India being secular country, one can get a chance to taste wide range of cuisines. Tess was equally lucky to taste the most exotic foods from different parts of India. When Tess was describing his experience, it was surprising and simultaneously there was a thin line of proud feeling running through my veins. India is certainly a home for the best cuisines, but have you ever heard about these unusual foods of the country. Here is Sanjeet Singh Veen checklist of unusual foods of India, which I am sure going to exploit on my next trip.

People who believe Indian food is just about rice, veggies, fruits, meats will be shocked to see that the country has lot more to offer in its hot pot apart from the regular stuff.

Chaprah-Have you been to Chhattisgarh? Well you certainly know what this Chaprah means in that case. This is the most unusual cuisine of this place, which is made of red ants and their eggs. Interestingly, this also the most favorite dish of the people who would want to munch something different from very usual foods. Prepared by drying the red ants and mixing with different spices can be enjoyed with any meal of your choice.

Forbidden rice–   Rice is usually white or brown, so what about black rice? Have you heard black rice turning to purple after it is cooked? If yes, then you must be aware of this unusual cuisine famous on the land of Manipur. Famously known as Magic Rice, is said to be having rich content of fiber and protein usually served in other parts of the country like Kerala and north Bengal.

Frog Legs – For many of us the name itself sounds very unusual and thinking about the cuisine is just not happening. Said to be having ample medicinal properties, the Lepchas a community of Sikkim use frog legs to prepare this recipe.

Eri Polu – If you do not want to try frog how about silkworm? Eri Polu is famous Food dishes of Assam that is prepared using silkworm pupa. After silk is extracted by boiling the cocoon, the left over is used in preparing the recipe.

4 Best Ways to Cook Drumstick or Moringa Leaves

When I was a child, my mother used to cook drumstick dal, which is still one of my favourite recipes. More than my mother, my grandmother was expert in making various recipes with drumstick leaves. Many of us do not know that drumstick leaves can be used to prepare tasty food items. The nutritional chat of the drumstick leaves include proteins, calcium, iron, beta-carotene, and vitamin. Moringa leaves are easily digested provided for cooking only tender leaf must be used. If you are using little older leaves than make sure to steam, cook or pressure cook before using it. Moringa leaves are one of the easily available and nutritious leafy vegetable.

Drumstick Leaves Dal – when I am talking about the best way to cook drumstick leaves; I have to include my favourite recipe on the list. This is the easiest way to cook Moringa leaves. For dal, you can use any dal of your choice (except for urad and chana). Clean the Moringa leaves and chop them. Cook your choice of dal with Moringa leaves. Once the dal is cooked add little japery or sugar and season with salt and pepper. For tampering, add cumin seeds, mustard, and red chilli. Mix dal nicely and finally add lemon juice or tamarind juice to give a tangy taste, which takes away the sour taste of the leaves.

Clear Soup – The healthiest way to have Moringa leaves is in the form of a soup. Boil some carrot, beans tomatoes, onion in water along with Moringa leaves. Add salt and pepper to the soup and serve it hot in a cold chill or a rainy weather.

Moringa Tea – A perfect tea with Moringa leaves for a perfect morning. You can use Moringa powder or leaves to prepare tea. These leaves can be used fresh to make tea and surprisingly the dried leaves have great nutritional value. Add a teaspoon of honey to improve the taste of the tea and serve it hot.

Scrambled Eggs – For me nothing is easier then preparing scrambled eggs for breakfast. This recipe can be combined with any vegetable to make it tastier. Try with Moringa leaves, you will not only love the taste but will also gain many health benefits.

Unlike the other leafy vegetables, Moringa leaves are not used for cooking in many countries, as people are not aware of its health benefits. Moringa leaves are rich in anti-oxidant properties, iron, vitamins, and minerals. Hence, make this amazing leaf part of your diet regime.

Evolution of Cooking – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

Cooking as we know it, has come quite a long journey over the years and has witnessed massive transformation in techniques. If the cave dwellers and the barbarians existed, they would have had an entire new palette for food that is well cooked and served. Not to forget that they were the first to invent cooking which brings us to the present day barbecue and grills. Technically this also happens to be the right process of preparing the food for consumption with the use of heat. Although fruits and some vegetables may be eaten raw, yet there is a significant reason why food should be cooked to consume? Continue reading

9 Essential Objects Every Kitchen Must Have

Cooking is just like a game like a soccer game. Everything should be perfectly in equilibrium and ready to strike the goal. You cannot keep looking other things when are ready to make a goal.  Likewise, a kitchen is a football court where things should be perfectly arranged in place before you get ready with cooking on something. If you started cooking recently or if you have relocated to new place, make sure these equipment’s are handy in your kitchen. Continue reading

World’s Best Coffee Regions – Brew of Magical Memories

Coffee has magic in it; nothing could ever replace this beverage for the aroma and amazing taste.  I remember my childhood days, when my parents and grandparents would start their day with sip of coffee. Well the coffee that is made in India is quite different from rest places in the world. Down the memory lane coffee is been closely associated with my life. Throughout the years I have mastered world famous cuisines, as I am very passionate about cooking. But I still could never make a perfect cup of Indian coffee. It could be possible that my mother and grandmother have some incredibly magic to bring such wonderful taste to it. However, coffee made in every part of the world is special in its own way.

Being entrepreneur or a successful business man is like everyday battle. The challenges and stress that come along are inevitable. To cope up with these unavoidable conditions, the best thing is to have a sip of coffee. Believe me nothing can make you feel more relaxed than –a cup of coffee. Coffee lovers are all over the world. Coffee can create magic, has it connects people, where feelings communicate, misunderstandings are cleared, great business deals are made and above all cheers to every moment of life that can be felt and experienced on a coffee table.

I, Sanjeet Singh Veen would like to share the best coffee production places, from where you get the coffee to your table.

Brazil is considered to be the largest coffee producer with 50% of country’s production. Brazil coffee is famous for its creamy nature, low acidity, and intense sweetness in the form of caramel and chocolate.

Mexican coffee   is said to be analogous to a good white wine. If you are a black coffee admirer with a little tangy taste, then Mexican specialty coffee is for you.

Columbia is one of the best ever known coffee producers, which ranks second in production. A high standard of excellence with great pride and fine taste make Columbian coffee one of the best beverages.

Kenya and coffee is a great combination of rich fragrance, sharp taste that makes you fall in love with the coffee again and again. Amongst the tall mountains, rich flora and fauna, with beautiful coastline, makes it a better place to have a cup of coffee, admiring the god creation.

Indian coffee, my articles is not complete until I list out my favorite coffee of all. Indian coffee is epitome to rest of all varieties. Busy offices, jam- packed streets, playful college canteens, and lively homes, everywhere you find the rich aroma of coffee that reminisces of memories captured in your heart. The brewed Indian coffee is a mix of sour and sweetness that makes it a perfect combination to be sipped at regular intervals.