Steps to Follow For a Healthy Terrace Gardening

Terrace gardening is the most fascinating aspect of gardening. Even though I spent most of my leisure time in gardening and cooking, this roof top gardening idea came little late to me. However, over the years invested in roof top gardening, I have learned many aspects of it. Terrace gardening has got many benefits if it is practiced in a right way. Continue reading

These Plants Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

A breathe of fresh air has become difficult now a days. With increasing pollution levels, toxins are everywhere in the air, say it –outdoor or indoor. Still indoors allows the pollution to stick and build around in large amount leaving no scope but to breathe and survive in it. The only solution that can control these toxins is- Plantation. While outdoor plantation has been an effective, easier in controlling the pollutants, indoor plants are also becoming famous in this regard. Continue reading