Chef – A deemed career choice for Indians too

How many of us loved our mom cooking food and imagined to become like her when we are grown to be adults? How many of us wanted to share the responsibility with her not just to help her but deep down we want to see ourselves in the same shoes. I have grown seeing my mum cook the most amazing cuisines that was no less than the restaurant food. I always encouraged her to start up her own restaurant. However, my mother was never a commercial person her interest in cooking was limited to satisfy the palate of family.

Unbelievably, most of the people in the world who want to pursue a career in food industry becoming a chef are inspired from their mothers.  Becoming a chef in India is not so easy. Western culture is very different where being employed is a matter of earning money, following your dream and supporting your family. While in India, following your dream is not as easy as the opportunities are very limited. If I had a choice, people would have recognized Sanjeet Singh Veen as a master chef of some good restaurant. However, at that point of time, being a chef did not work out for various reasons. Today, I am going to discuss few things that one must look into to make a deemed career being chef.

Cooking is a creative art– Most of us perceive that just making up a cuisine can rank you to be a good chef. Well that is not all. If that was considered a case, every house has a chef who would be employed in some restaurant. Being a chef is to trigger the creative aspect of your cooking skills that cannot only satisfy the taste buds but makes it unique and exceptional. What is offered in your restaurant is available everywhere, then why is it that people should to come to you. You must have that talent to make something very usual to be unusual that becomes a signature dish. Are you having that talent?

Outline the innumerable hats – Cooking is not just making the perfect recipe as I said. To become a chef, you must have an art of known everything about the kitchen. The presentation, vegetable carvings, sculpturing, and the list go on. Another thing, even though being a chef is the most skilled and timeless job, it accounts for professional demands, which needs a lots of your time, and patience that can be measured up to the requirement .

Opportunities are open and endless for this generation, using them wisely is where you need to prove yourself.

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Sanjeet Singh Veen

Vice President at Tribune International LLC
My name is Sanjeet Singh Veen, a 50 year old successful entrepreneur, Business Counsellor, and a writer. Right from my childhood, I was interested in gardening and cooking. Anything or everything I wanted to do was to establish myself in the same field of interest.

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