Evolution of Cooking – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

Cooking as we know it, has come quite a long journey over the years and has witnessed massive transformation in techniques. If the cave dwellers and the barbarians existed, they would have had an entire new palette for food that is well cooked and served. Not to forget that they were the first to invent cooking which brings us to the present day barbecue and grills. Technically this also happens to be the right process of preparing the food for consumption with the use of heat. Although fruits and some vegetables may be eaten raw, yet there is a significant reason why food should be cooked to consume?

The first and the most important reason is that cooked food tastes better, maybe that was the reason why our ancestors started cooking in the first place. Secondly, it is also necessary to ensure that the food that one is consuming is safe and not contaminated. Cooked food is safe to consume, as the high temperatures required for cooking kills the bacteria and the germs that may be present in the food. In addition, it is often suggested that fruits vegetables should be washed before they are cooked to get rid of the soil, worms or pests that may be present on them.

Cooking is a worldwide phenomenon and possible every being on the planet including plants prepare their own food. For the latter it may be termed photosynthesis but we as humans have improvised the techniques and ingredients incorporated in cooking. The early cooks did not have access to complex ingredients so they had very limited knowledge of salt, sugar and spices. The development of trade and economy also affected the cuisine of the people throughout the world as spices like peppercorns and red chilies’ began to be exported from India to the rest of the world. Similarly, many other variants of vegetables, fruits and spices came to Indian household from other geographic locations over the course of time.

Technological advancements and industrialization led to the invention of oven, gas stoves, refrigerators etc. that brought cooking the advantage of being processed and consumed in a variety of ways and specifically boomed the catering and restaurant businesses worldwide. Cooking has been acknowledged as a profession today and the world has many renowned cooks who have fascinated us with their culinary expertise. It has barred the gender difference, which earlier only had women managing all the cooking now it is the choice for both. Well-cooked food is enjoyed by all and sundry but it should be remembered that it should also impart nutritional values rather than just the taste…

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Sanjeet Singh Veen

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