Go Green with Gardening, An Initiative Towards Healthier Survival

Many people enjoy cultivating plants in their backyard or garden. This is known as gardening, it may be a hobby for several who like the blooming of flowers, freshness of the natural beauty and the lush greens surrounding them. Manicured gardens laced with blossomed flowers are a delight for any nature lover. Every city or town has a nursery or shops that sell potted plants or ornamental plants that one can purchase to adorn their homes. Apart from being a kind of relaxing activity for people, many gardeners also take it a step further to what is recognized as organic farming.

Gardening could be of any dimension, many people have indoor plants for decorative purposes such as ‘bonsai’ and cactus as well as some variety of creepers and climbers. Others may have orchards or boulevards comprising, herbs, shrubs and small trees. The trend towards healthy eating has made many people switch from processed and junk food to naturally grown veggies and fruits mainly organic produce. They have become more conscious of what they eat and how it can add to their well-being.

Gardening helps contribute in a major way towards developing a better environment. The rise in population, pollution and global warming can only be managed by planting more trees and spreading the ‘Go Green’ message, which implies that for every felled tree, ten saplings should be planted. This is a small step towards a big change.

In most countries and cultures, gardening is an art. The Japanese placed special emphasis upon designing their gardens with the help of samurai warriors and monks. The practice of their garden designing is well-known as ‘Ikebana’. The luxuriant landscapes with lilies in Netherlands or Versailles or any other part of the world attract tourists in great numbers. Gardening has developed from being a hobby to a full fleged profession as garden designers and landscape artists are in serious demand on a global platform to provide their natural insight to create beautiful garden spaces.

Gardens have become an integral part of most infrastructural elements whether schools, colleges or offices. These provide a sense of calmness and serenity to the tense atmosphere in these places. The soothing effects of a garden have to be maintained by the gardeners and it is a daily job that cannot be neglected. Gardening needs attention, love and care just the way we do.

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Sanjeet Singh Veen

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My name is Sanjeet Singh Veen, a 50 year old successful entrepreneur, Business Counsellor, and a writer. Right from my childhood, I was interested in gardening and cooking. Anything or everything I wanted to do was to establish myself in the same field of interest.

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