Growing Importance of Ayurveda Gardens in America

Ayurveda is the ancient science of using herbs to cure disease. According to Indian mythology, Ayurveda have always been a greater source for people to stay healthy. This science helps to identify the plants, which have string medicinal property that can be used to manufacture natural medicine. Indian scientists also believe that most of the green foods or vegetables we eat in our diet are having Ayurveda property that helps our immune system to fight diseases.

Even though I have been away from my birth land for quite some time, I have been partially in touch with my country for various facts one among them is Ayurveda. As a kid, I remember my grandfather who used to spend at least an hour in our back yard collecting all medicinal herbs. He would make some medicines out of it and make sure each family member consume them on daily basis. This constant practice must be a reason why our family would have very least health issues.

After spending some time In US, I Sanjeet Singh Veen decided on researching about the Ayurveda use in western countries. To my surprise western country is following the path of India since long. The first trade of spices was made between European countries in the year 1924 as per an articles published in ‘The lancet ’which gives an insightful information on the western worlds attitude towards Ayurveda.

American interests in Ayurveda

1980 and 90 became the marked years when Ayurveda was brought into the interests of the country. Realising its medicinal properties and utility aspects, the country started Ayurveda gardens in most of its parts. In 1996, the Ayurveda institution was founded. Many institutions and professionals came together to set up Ayurveda gardens that could boost the growth of medicines that can cure most dangerous diseases like AIDS.

Even many house-hols today have a small share of Ayurveda plants at their home understanding the importance of these plants. Who wants to eat those medicines and feel sick all the time, when nature is offering better solution to it?

American society of Ayurveda and Vedic sciences is also promoting the important of having plants that can purify your indoors from pollutants. Most of the citizens living in highly polluted areas practice the growth of Ayurveda firms to help government obtain their research base to provide better medicines. However, not all plants are given the patents rights for normal citizens to grow in their farms, but few species are still make easily available to local people.

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