Rules of Refrigerating Your Cooked and Uncooked Food

Refrigerating has become a part of the modern cooking life. It comes as a savior especially when one has prepared surplus food and can save it for the next time. Whether it’s the left over pizzas from the previous night party or the lasagna you made for breakfast, it always makes a welcome feeling of a hidden surprise in the fridge to munch on. However, one thing is important depending upon the type of food being refrigerated and whether it will last until your expected consuming time.

In this article we are about to discuss the run down on when to preserve your leftover’s in the fridge and when they’re ready to be tossed away into the bin. It has to be remembered that any food with meat or cheese can begin to putrefy if left unrefrigerated for more than two hours. This can even be responsible for food borne illness suffered by you or any of your family and friends after consumption of such food.

To help you make sensible food storage you can rely on Sanjeet Veen storage tips to refrigerate for some of the common food items like these:


If you have prepared pizza at home then make sure that you put in the refrigerator after two hours of its preparation, even it is a single slice that someone saved for eating another time should not be left in the open. If left unattended bacteria and moulds can begin to grow and this can lead to food poisoning.


Raw chicken can be stored safely in lowest temperatures, however if it is cooked chicken or even marinated one be sure to cook or consume it within two days. For cooked chicken stored in the fridge, you should check it before eating or warming up. Just in case if it has any foul or tangy smell or a slimy texture, it should be immediately discarded even without tasting.

Ready to eat noodles, heat and eat food products.

Most of the popular heat and eat food items like ready to eat pastas and noodles already come with a lot of heavy flavorful sauces. These sauces make the texture of the food soggy although these mostly last to three or four days in the freezer at times, they may taste different even before they start degrading.

Gravy and stuffed foods

Gravy items though a delicacy can go off if t is not refrigerated properly. As such, these have a short shelf life. Gravy if brought to a boil in two days can be refrigerated for a longer time and stuffed item can be refrigerated at lower temperatures to keep them away from perishing soon.

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