Sanjeet Veen’s Easy Guide to Set Up Your Own Garden

For all the nature lover’s out there, here’s a simple and easy step-by-step guide to creating your own garden just the way you like and make your home an eco-friendly zone. Just follow my simple guidelines to get started and achieve a well-manicured garden for your home. You have to begin by chalking out a plan for designing your garden. By having a rough sketch on paper, you can be assured of your expectations of the garden. Adding details to the design can help prevent any mistakes that can cost heavily, this would include the measurements, purchasing the requisite plants, insecticides and other fencing and gardening materials required for the job.

Next in line is the need for the right garden tools apart from the hardware that is needed you can also look up online for some great garden designing software’s that helps you manage space and create a balance while keeping the functionality of the garden intact. You have to be focused as to how you wish to see your garden and have a clear picture in mind. The important element is to make the best usage of the space and have a realistic concept in mind. For instance, you cannot have a pool area in a garden with limited space. As such if you already do have such features such as a fountain or a tiny pond in the garden you can keep them and help revamp the look of your garden by transforming the theme of your garden.

Nowadays, themes are a hot topic for personal home gardens and making a choice for your garden theme could be a great consideration when designing your own garden. There are many styles and themes that you can choose from to enhance the look of your garden. You can choose from the following:

Traditional –  This is the oldest form of garden design which does not have any extra features that stand apart, the outline of the garden is bordered with tiny plants and may also have a couple of trees. A vegetable patch may or may not be present.

Modern – This type of garden theme may comprise of certain features with elements such as steel or wood. It can have pavements made of sandstone, marble or slate. It is usually a well-defined and well- designed space offing a modern look.

Creative – A creative theme could mean that you could turn your garden into a creative zone and it can be transformed easily given the features and elements that already exist such a tree house for kids or lounge zone for grownups.

Any garden, which you design, should be environment friendly and offer a refreshing experience.

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Sanjeet Singh Veen

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My name is Sanjeet Singh Veen, a 50 year old successful entrepreneur, Business Counsellor, and a writer. Right from my childhood, I was interested in gardening and cooking. Anything or everything I wanted to do was to establish myself in the same field of interest.

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