Steps to Follow For a Healthy Terrace Gardening

Terrace gardening is the most fascinating aspect of gardening. Even though I spent most of my leisure time in gardening and cooking, this roof top gardening idea came little late to me. However, over the years invested in roof top gardening, I have learned many aspects of it. Terrace gardening has got many benefits if it is practiced in a right way.

Terrace garden/roof top gardening is a type of a garden that is sited on the roof of a construction. An office/ Residence / commercial building anything with a spacious area can be picked for roof top gardening. Apart from just having decorative benefits or looking into it as a hobby during leisure time, many areas which lack horticulture  lands go for this terrace gardening . If you want to grow your own veggies, or ornamental plant to beautify your ambiance, then you have to follow these steps.

Horticulture experts believe in one thing, ‘’Always treat the plants like your own child, you will see the amazing results once they start growing”.

Choose the right place –If your building is strong and have the right foundation then you can even grow trees on it. Experiment the roof area by covering it with good soil. Never rush for filling the entire area with plantation. Before getting started you have to consider many aspects. Plant very few samplings and check their growth rate.

Select Rich soil – Most of the people do not understand the meaning of right soil. Not every soil on land can turn out to be fertile. A right soil is something which has got nutrients that has to be composted, enriched with vermicomposting or other organic matter like manure derived from vegetarian animal waste. The roof top soil is not something which is naturally built, so it takes its time to get ready for plantation.

The best options of soil for terrace gardening is peat moss and soil rites. However for better results ask a horticulture expert advice, as the soil you are choosing should not exert pressure on your building.

Plan efficient drainage system –  Most of the residential areas have narrow drainage channels  from roof top, that allows the rain water to pass by without getting accumulated on the terrace. In terrace gardening you are adding soil, there is every possibility for the soil to get choked in those narrow passages resulting in water stagnation and unhygienic scenarios. Keep hidden pipes with broad passages to let the unwanted water drained away, without any coagulation. For an efficient drainage system, keep two inch to four inch burnt bricks uniformly, around the plantation areas as fence.   Hence plan your drainage system according to your garden plan.

Plan plant proportions- As I have mentioned earlier, you can grow anything and everything on the terrace. But before that you have to create proportions for herbs, shrubs, lawns, ground covers etc., so that it looks well distributed, uniform and easy to handle.

While selecting plants in these proportions make sure that you take a good look at their root system. The ideal root system for a terrace gardening is fiber-root system. Never go for tap root system, as the soil used on your roof top is limited and cannot support the penetration of the tap roots.

A beautiful terrace garden not only amplifies the ambiance of the surroundings but also helps to built a healthy environment to live.

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