Summer Drinks to keep your Body Cool

Summer heat is something which is hard to resist. You cannot compromise your schedules and unwilling you have to bear the heat. For all my friends who reside in tropics and semi-tropics, I understand how hard it is to tolerate the temperature fluctuations. A healthy body, healthy mind results in a healthy life. Here I am sharing few recipes of summer drinks that can save you from eat waves and keep your body hydrated.

Pomegranate juice – A fresh pomegranate every morning prepares for the day long heat. The first thing you have to do is take pomegranate seeds mixed it with few drops of almond oil and little bit of lemon juice will help you to control the body heat.

Honey and Milk – When I say summer drinks don’t start listing out for ingredients as the list is no so long and you don’t have to rush to your groceries store. Most of the ingredients are available at our home, we possibility look into. Many of us do not know that Milk combined with honey could be best drink to battle the heat. Make sure every night before you sleep or in the evening drink a glass of cold milk with honey.

Cherry Ice cooler – Cherries are considered to be the favourite summer fruit in United States. This fruit has got numerous health benefits one among those health benefits is that it lowers the risk of strokes. Summer the risk of heart stroke is higher due to change in temperature. Half pound pitted cherries, half cup sugar, one cup of hibiscus tea, with lots of ice garnished with cherries makes amazing summer drink.

Peach-Ginger Ice Tea – Nothing is more refreshing in summer than to have a sip of Peach –Ginger tea. This is the most sorted out summer drinks and easy to prepare. All you need is canned peach 6-8 halves, half cup peach juice, sugar based on requirement, one teaspoon ginger paste and six cups of English breakfast tea.

Pineapple-Mango Iced Drink – Mango and pineapple are excellent combination and gives amazing taste when combined together. All you need is 5-6 mint leaves, canned pineapple slices 6, Mango slices 5, Lemon, ginger paste one teaspoon and sugar if necessary. Grind everything in a juicer and add lemon juice and mint leaves, along with lots of ice to enjoy your drink.

Water melon and Lemon – The magic melon is the best drink to be consumed in hot summers. Along with pieces of water melon add little sugar, lemon and pepper to make delicious drink.

Apart from just juices make sure you include food that balance your metabolism to comeback the fierce heat and have a happy healthy summer.

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