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A nomad is a person who not only explores the exquisiteness of a city but also enjoys many other integral aspects of it. Food is one integral aspect that no can avoid especially if you have travelled a long way to a new place. If you are person who loves trying something different, then Rome food such thing, that one would want to have again and again. The city has got such a variety that travelling and dining becomes more than just pleasure.Italian food wasn’t my favourite food, until I happened to taste these cuisines in the city. An authentic roman food experience can be enjoyed when you get a chance to personality visit the place and try multiple cuisines. In the heart of Rome, among the ancient architecture and busy street, these are the best Rome foods that made me fall in love with the city.

1. Roman Artichokes– This is the top most favourite recipe of Rome. One of my roman friends took me to this place called Nonna Betta. After a long day travelling if you get a chance to eat something that revitalizes your taste buds and fills the aura in the ambiance- then that food is must try. Artichokes are world famous roman cuisine. In fact any place, city or country having Roman restaurants artichokes is obligatory in the menu. The best way to enjoy the flavour of artichokes is between Februarys to May. Unlike other food artichokes are seasonal, they are certainly available throughout the year, but those are frozen one.

2. Carbonara– When Italians think about food, the first thing that strikes their mind is Carbonara. Italians can hardly survive without this special cuisine. To have a best experience of savouring Carbonara, you have to eat in these restaurants, Da danilo, Flavio al velavevodetto, or Roscioli.

3. Fritti – Rome is supreme place for fried food reign. Don’t worry; many people get worried by the name fried thinking about cholesterol and calories. Your travel experience is incomplete if you do not taste the fried food of Rome. On my personal experience, this food is very safe and healthy, so do not hesitate to nurture your taste buds with the delicious Friti. The best place where you find awesome Friti is Da Enzo.

4. Sea Foods – Friday night are stomach retreats. The fish Market of Rome is filled with fresh seafood cuisines one can hardly resist. Roman seafood is very different from what we happen to eat in other parts of country. Fried calamari with lemon and garlic bruschetta, in bustling market ambiance with a sight of Tibet islands makes your evening beautiful and memorable.

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