The Unusual Indian Dishes – One must try on their own discretion

Born Indian, if someone asks about my country, culture and food, the patriotic side comes out of me. Tess my friend happened to visit India last year around October. He was there for a month and visited the famous places of the country. India is not only famous for its culture, traditional and architectural monuments but for food as well. India being secular country, one can get a chance to taste wide range of cuisines. Tess was equally lucky to taste the most exotic foods from different parts of India. When Tess was describing his experience, it was surprising and simultaneously there was a thin line of proud feeling running through my veins. India is certainly a home for the best cuisines, but have you ever heard about these unusual foods of the country. Here is Sanjeet Singh Veen checklist of unusual foods of India, which I am sure going to exploit on my next trip.

People who believe Indian food is just about rice, veggies, fruits, meats will be shocked to see that the country has lot more to offer in its hot pot apart from the regular stuff.

Chaprah-Have you been to Chhattisgarh? Well you certainly know what this Chaprah means in that case. This is the most unusual cuisine of this place, which is made of red ants and their eggs. Interestingly, this also the most favorite dish of the people who would want to munch something different from very usual foods. Prepared by drying the red ants and mixing with different spices can be enjoyed with any meal of your choice.

Forbidden rice–   Rice is usually white or brown, so what about black rice? Have you heard black rice turning to purple after it is cooked? If yes, then you must be aware of this unusual cuisine famous on the land of Manipur. Famously known as Magic Rice, is said to be having rich content of fiber and protein usually served in other parts of the country like Kerala and north Bengal.

Frog Legs – For many of us the name itself sounds very unusual and thinking about the cuisine is just not happening. Said to be having ample medicinal properties, the Lepchas a community of Sikkim use frog legs to prepare this recipe.

Eri Polu – If you do not want to try frog how about silkworm? Eri Polu is famous Food dishes of Assam that is prepared using silkworm pupa. After silk is extracted by boiling the cocoon, the left over is used in preparing the recipe.

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