What are the perfect methods of plantation?

Most of us are interested in gardening, while we lack the knowledge of the method that must be used for planting saplings. When I started taking interest into my gardening leisure pursuit, I was not quite sure from where to start. I have observed my grandparents the way they used to take extra care while planting any sapling. Interestingly they have knowledge about most of the plants and the soil they required to grow. My grandmother always used to day, Gardening is not about planting a random herb or a vegetable. One must understand the exact nature of these plants.  

I truly believe in what she said, a beginner often fails to identify the plant nature and try propagating them. Later it is observed that the plant fail to grow resulting in an early collapse. This happens because; we are not so sure about the plant and the circumstances it needs to grow healthy. Here are few observations from Sanjeet Singh Veen gardening diary that will help you grow healthy garden with healthy plantation methods.

  • If you are planning to grow a specific kind of plant, make sure you plant them during pre-monsoon season. Pre-monsoon season have moisture in air that is required for the sapling to grow healthy.
  • The healthy practice to sow a plant is to take saplings that are one or two years old. This will ensure the growth of the tree or plant. If you want to use seeds, than make sure you have enough monstrous area in garden, where the seeds are planted in container so that they can transform into saplings easily.
  • Saplings always have the tendency to grow close to each other without realising the eventual growth of each sapling. The best way is to keep 15 feet distance for small tree saplings and 25 feet distance for large tree saplings.
  • While planting the saplings, make sure you do not insert the stem part into the ground. Only root part must be inserted.
  • Never plant two saplings together, thinking either of will survive. It might restrict the growth of both the plants and eventually both may die.
  • Do not add fresh or raw manure as they encourage the growth of white ants; always prefers compost to manure for saplings.
  • Make sure the entire garden area where a sapling has to be planted is weed and grass free. Grass has the tendency to absorb excess moisture leaving the saplings out of water and moisture.
  • The plants seeds with hard should be kept in boiling water for some time to make the coat soft, later they can be sow so that germination takes place.
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